Hey, I'm Alejandro, but my friends call me Ale [A -leh].

I am a visual and product designer, lover of all things creative.

I was born and raised in the Canary Islands, a Spanish volcanic wonder in the Atlantic off Africa's coast. Nature's vibrant colors, the sunny glow, and the vast ocean have shaped my creative journey.

Growing up, resourcefulness was my thing, sparked by limited island resources, I was always looking for new creative DIY projects to put my hands on.

I was always a avid explorer, driven by the remoteness of my island home. College in Madrid launched me into a world of global adventures, taking me all the way to San Francisco, where I currently live.

Being new to a different country or city excites me! Looking at things with curious eyes and new perspectives, analyzing and understanding the different ways people interact, and the adaptability of design to different cultures, have made me learn a lot.

Architectural training gave me a foundation in composition, proportions, balance, scale and rhythm. Paired with learning how to balance users needs and constrains, handle various stakeholders and use visual design methods to better explain complex problems, concepts and stories.

My journey into UX/UI kicked off at Speck Design, sparking a love for visual design and igniting my passion for product design. And the startup ride with Arkitask polished my skills further.

When I'm not designing, you'll find me cooking new recipes and watching a good indie movie.
Product Designer
01.23 - present
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09.19 - present
Junior Designer
Speck Design
01.19 - 09.19
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